Pitch AgriHack 2022 Announces Winners

Six youth technology innovators in Africa’s agriculture and food sectors win cash prizes in Pitch AgriHack 2022   Kigali, Rwanda: African agritech innovators from all four corners of the continent claimed victory in the 8th […]

Impact through Investment in African Agritech

Homegrown agritech solutions with incredible potential are fuelling investor confidence in the future of African agriculture. Investment in Africa agritech has grown from US$19 million between 2016-2018 to almost US$60 million in 2020 and a […]

African Agritech is Shaping a Healthier Planet

Food and technology have been intricately linked since the dawn of agriculture. Every tool designed to work the soil and produce food, from a simple hoe to a high-tech self-driving harvester with an integrated vegetable […]

AGRF, Heifer International and Generation Africa Announce Pitch AgriHack 2022 to Inspire African Agritech Innovators

Pitch competition awards cash prizes to youth technology innovators in Africa’s agriculture and food sectors Nairobi: AGRF, Heifer International and Generation Africa today announced the launch of Pitch AgriHack 2022, marking the second year the […]

Youth-led, African Agribusinesses Announced as Pitch AgriHack 2021 Winners

African agritech innovators win cash awards to grow and scale their businesses in the seventh Pitch AgriHack competition. Nairobi, Kenya: Six youth-led agribusinesses showcasing market-ready innovations for African farmers – which include mobile crop processing machinery, […]

Growth and Opportunities in African Agritech

Agricultural technology is extensive. Agritech can be as complex as an actual farm robot, using artificial intelligence and machine learning, to plant, water, and weed your grow beds. Or it can be as simple as […]

The Pitch AgriHack competition is sponsored by Heifer International and managed by Generation Africa, a thematic platform of The AGRF.


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